Enjoying separation

The community as of late seems rather dysfunctional, and the amount of patience it requires to navigate those taciturn waters is quite exhausting. I feel much healthier when I simply don't go there.
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Dear vamps....

I love some of you, but the constant illusions of physiological vamp specialness without any real proof makes me spit up hairballs.
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Attack of the Psi Vamps?

Sometimes, after meetups, I'll hear someone say, "Oh, that person was feeding on me!" And recently I heard a claim on a blog that someone the writer was chatting with online was feeding on her. The way this claim gets thrown around, one would think there are a zillion psi vamps running around leeching off people, and I have not found that to be the case in my experience.

Like newly "awakened" (hate that term) vampires who tend to blame every health problem or symptom of adolescence on their burgeoning vampirism, some pagans and other metaphysical/occult types like to scream "psi vamp" every time they feel drained or tired. I can't help but wonder if they are mistaken.

I have nonvamp friends whom I don't see often because they exhaust me. Sometimes they are too hyper or talk too much, or maybe they constantly pressure me to do things I don't feel like doing. Or maybe they bore me. They are not feeding on me, they are just making me tired because I am not a highly social person. The cure? Excuse yourself and go home.

If you find a chat draining, do not automatically assume it is due to psi vampery. Perhaps you just need to sign out of chat, get off the computer, get your butt out of that chair and exercise! Yes, what a concept. Plus, if you are an adept pagan, you should be able to shield with some degree of skill. Please don't blame your ineptitude and laziness on the psi vamps.

Brief sabbatical

I am taking a brief sabbatical from most OVC sites for a bit. Too many petty, unbalanced and immature people for my taste, and it's making me uber cranky. For now, I'll just stick to the home turf (VCMB) I think. Time for a sanity break.

Vampire Conundrum

Merriam-Webster says:

noun \kə-ˈnən-drəm\
Definition of CONUNDRUM
1: a riddle whose answer is or involves a pun
2a: a question or problem having only a conjectural answer
b: an intricate and difficult problem

If you question claims of turning, some vampires accuse you of being small-minded and an occult newbie. They think that you have never seen it for yourself, never experienced it, are an occult newbie or a hardcore skeptic. So this suggests that they want you to believe them simply because they say so? And then they'll say stuff like "I know this to be true. I've seen it. Anything is possible."

I've known people in the OVC who claimed to be 500 years old, have angel wings, fangs, and possess all kinds of groovy cool powers. And I'm supposed to believe them because they said so on an online forum.

That would indeed make me an occult newbie.

Vampires grow up

Without naming names, there are some individuals in the VC that are quite petty and spiteful and can't have a disagreement with someone they don't like without hurling personal barbs at them. Some of these people are my age and older (mid-40s) and seriously lack emotional control.

To you folk, THANK YOU for making us look like a bunch of immature socially dysfunctional misfits. We really really appreciate it.

Little lies

I suspect that a lot of fibbing goes on in the VC. Fibbing, exaggeration, posturing and straight-out lying. Some people are genuinely delusional, no doubt, while others lie to make themselves more impressive, or to appear more experienced than they actually are. The problem is, they are not good at it.

The problem with lying about certain things, like bloodletting, is that it's difficult to get all the details right if you haven't done it or are not an expert on the body and the way it reacts to certain injuries This is how liars get caught out by the police.

I guess few people want to admit to being inexperienced or new at something, even though we are all inexperienced and new at one time. Admitting it just means you don't have to worry about keeping your fake details right.

About being a different species....

These are my thoughts for the day. Some vampy types like to see themselves as a separate species from humans. Aside from all the scientific classification nonsense (things like why we can interbreed with humans if we are a separate species, you know, unrealistic stuff like that), some of these same folks also advocate for our rights and feel that we should expect full acceptance from these pesky "mundanes."

Here's the problem I have. If we are a separate species, born to be predators to humans, then there is no reason on earth why humans should fully accept us. Cape buffalo do not accept or love lions. In fact, they kill lion cubs when the opportunity arises by stomping them to death.

So, if we are a separate predatory species, then for humans to accept us would be for them to go against their survival instinct, their very nature. And fighting human nature is a very difficult battle indeed.

Human nature

I tend to expect more from minorities, but I am often disappointed. Both in the news and in real life, I hear about members of one minority harassing or committing crimes against another minority group. In the case of hate crimes, this is particularly heinous and idiotic.

It's one thing for a member of a majority group to behave badly towards a  minority group, and then claim ignorance ("I never thought about/experienced that..."), but for an individual who has lived through discrimination to then proceed to treat someone else in that manner is, to me, the height of idiocy. If a person cannot learn any sort of empathy or compassion from their own experiences, then I wonder if their presence on this earth is a waste of time.